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The owners of the company are Hungarian private entrepreneurs with a professional calling and we feel responsibility for our environment and for the importance of widening the use of renewable energy sources.

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Address: 2000 Szentendre, Barackos köz 4.
Telephone: +36 20 583 4149, +36 70 501 5696
Fax: +36 26 610 200
E-mail: info@bestsolar.hu

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The world-wide energy consumption is on the rise constantly. At the same time, natural resources like fossil fuels are diminishing. So, in the mid and long term, the increasing use of alternate energy sources is necessary to keep up with the global energy needs. Besides, the preservation of the environment is an issue of rapidly rising importance. Photovoltaics are one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels. Solar power can be generated everywhere, given enough usable surfaces on roofs or on the ground are available. Solar power plants operate without making noise and absolutely emission-free. They also don't rely on moving parts, such as windmills or hydroelectric power stations, thus there is no mechanical wear. The new-generation crystalline thin-film solar modules are extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free, and their performance is guaranteed for decades to come by the manufacturers. In this way, a solar power plant will produce much more energy than is needed to just break even.

A state-of-the-art solar power plant is already more efficient in its operation than Diesel generators, and neither does it consume fossil fuels nor does it produce any CO2 or other emissions.

Added to that is the fact that the feed-in rate is state-subsidized in many countries, so that operating a solar power plant becomes even more profitable.