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About us


We are market leaders of the Hungarian solar energy sector. Our company has been a reliable solar partner since 2010 not only for corporate but also for residential clients. Nevertheless, today we are taking turns. Our mission is to take residential solar panel installation to new levels, and ensure the same long-lasting, stable performance, expertise and quality to the residential sector as what is available for the corporate sector.


Our Projects that we have installed for corporate and residential clients

Nowadays solar energy is considerd to be one of the most predictable and conscious forms of investment both for corporate and residential clients.

  • Debrecen Lakópark, 12,4kWp
  • Budapest, III kerület, 6kWp
  • Budapest, XII. kerület, 5kWp
  • ELTE TOK Budapest, 56kWp
  • Általános Iskola Buj, Tetőbe integrált, 26kWp
  • Budapest, XI. kerület, 7,02kWp
  • Budapest XVI. kerület, 5,5kWp
  • Budapest, XII. kerület, 5kWp
  • Budapest Semmelweis Egyetem, 412kWp
  • Buj, Tetőbe integrált napelem, 26kWp
  • Debrecen Jázmin u., 12,5kWp
  • Debrecen Repülőtér Pharma-Flight, 100,62kWp
  • Eger Kormányhivatal, 20kWp
  • Gróf Tisza István Kórház, 400kWp
  • Győr AUDI logisztikai kozpont, 12,5MWp
  • Gyulaháza óvoda, 24kWp
  • Gyulaháza, 30kWp
  • Kecskemét, KÉSZ Zrt., 170kWp
  • Mátrafüred, Erdészeti Iskola, 40kWp
  • Mezőkeresztes, 15kWp
  • Nyírbátor Fürdő, 55kWp
  • Budapest, Pan-Italia Kft., 34kWp
  • Szurdokpüspöki, Raktárinvest Kft., 30kWp
  • Vértesszőlős, 5kWp
  • Zsombó naperőmű, 560kWp

Our services

Solar System installation below and above 50kW

Turnkey solar system solutions from the price quote to installation both for residential and corporate clients.

Below 50kW


Solar systems above 50kW for residential energy consumers.

Above 50kW


Solar Systems or Power Plants above 50kW for major consumers with investment purposes.