Solar panel installation for residential customers

Towards a greener and more predictable future

Step by Step

The solar panel system installation process

Preliminary Quotation Request

You can easily do it online. To use the online calculator, you only need to enter your annual electricity consumption (in kWh), the dimensions and orientation of the roof surface and the location where the solar panel system is to be installed.

Application (at your Electricity Provider)

If the preliminary quotation is accepted, we will begin the application process with the electricity supplier.

For this, we will need:

  • a copy of all the pages of a current electricity bill (primarily for the details of the electricity supplier)
  • the title deed (not certified)
  • a copy of the map (not certified)
  • a photograph of the meter enclosure box (including details of the circuit breakers)
  • a close-up photograph of the meter’s serial number
  • a letter of authorisation – available from here
On-site survey

After receiving the technical and economic report from the electricity supplier (within 30 days of the application), our team will conduct an exact site survey, during which we will jointly determine the ideal solar panel system for your local conditions. 

Final Quotation

Following the site survey, we will send you a detailed, itemised, easy-to-understand quotation with deadlines.

Placing Your Order

The order is placed after finalising the quotation and customising the details.

Approval (From Your Electricity Provider)

Következő lépésként csapatunk összeállítja és beküldi a szükséges dokumentumokat áramszolgáltatói engedélyeztetésre. Ez elengedhetetlen azért, hogy napelemes rendszere biztonságosan és az előírtaknak megfelelően működjön.


Depending on the size of the solar panel system, our colleagues will complete the construction and on-site installation of the entire system in 1 to 2 working days, connecting the solar panel, and installing the panels and the components of the mountings. Our staff will also install the inverter and carry out the required electrical installation work.

Electricity meter replacement

One of the basic requirements of a grid-connected solar panel system is having a two-directional meter approved by the electricity supplier. Naturally, we will arrange the installation and authorisation of this, too.

Remote Monitoring

If required, we will provide remote monitoring of the completed solar panel systems.

Solar Panel System Calculator

What is the right size solar panel system for me?

Calculate and get your personalised quotation within a minute. 

Solar panels for different needs

 Prices for residential solar panel system installation

For a family of four, the price of the solar system may vary depending on the system components, the level of consumption and the current market opportunities. On average, however, the size of a 4 kW solar panel system can be expected to cost approximately HUF 1.5 million.  
How many solar panels does a house need?

The number of solar panels needed for a house matters because it determines the price of the solar panel system. Generally speaking, 12 to 15 solar panels can supply a detached house but this always depends on accurate design and installation.

How does my electricity provider counts my bill after the solar panel system?

For detached houses with a small-scale household power plant, accounts are being settled as the balance of the electricity exported to and imported from the grid at the net price until January 2023. Put simply, this means that the energy fed back into the grid as surplus can be passed on to the supplier. Thereafter, the electricity supplier is switching over to different pricing for exported and imported power, charging a gross price for electricity drawn from the grid.


Requirements of a high-quality solar panel system

Minimum 5-year product guarantee
25-year yield guarantee
Transparent costs, realistic prices
System Implementation and Service Launch
Annual yield of approx. 10-12%

Requirements of a high-quality solar panel system

Minimum 5-year product guarantee
25-year yield guarantee
Transparent costs and Reasonable prices
Annual yield of approx. 10-12%
System Implementation and Service Launch


Our clients said

Balazs K.

Residential system

We started thinking about investing in a solar system when we heard about the state subsidie for residents who are in the process of home renovation. I feel very fortunate to find you guys, the team was really helpful and their attitude is professional. Thank you! .

Tamas Cs.

Corporate system

Impressive techniqual knowledge. I can surely say that you found a solution to all of the emerging problems and provided a solar system of an excellent quality within the time frame. Very good work, thank you. I hope for a future cooperation.

Peter H.

Residential system

The team was trustworthy and we indeed got what we expected,  for a fair price.Overall our experience is very positive, we felt cared for, so I can only recommend choosing the Best-Solar if anyone feels overwhelmed by the options on the market. 

Solar panel system for residential Clients 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the quotation for solar panel installation include making full arrangements with the electricity supplier?

At Best-Solar the service also covers all the arrangements with the electricity supplier. This is essential in order to be authorised to launch the solar power plant.

What is the process of installing the solar panel system and how long does it last?

In addition to the administration, the preparation of the construction is a crucial part of the process, which begins with a request for quotation and ends with the replacement of the electricity meter.

Of course, the speed of completing a system depends largely on the flexibility of the customer but, with active participation, the administration usually takes 3 months. The electricity supplier sends the technical and economic report within 30 days of the date of application. After this, a connection plan conforming with the report is submitted, which is also approved by the electricity supplier within 30 days. Once the connection plan is approved, we will execute the system and report it as completed.

Following the completion report, the electricity supplier will send the modified network usage contract and replace the meter. At this point, the system can be put into operation.

Is there an on-site survey fee included in the solar panel installation plan?

At Best-Solar, we survey the site free but other companies often charge tens of thousands of forints for this phase of the process. 

What happens if the electricity supplier does not accept the system after the solar panel system has been installed? Can it happen?

If the connection plan is approved, the electricity supplier is obliged to accept the system. This is subject to the solar company meeting the requirements and submitting all documents.

The electricity supplier will not accept the system if the administrative process does not take place or the connection plan is not approved. In this case, we will not install the system.

Does Best-Solar plan a monitoring system alongside the implemented solar panel system?

We do not build solar panel systems without a monitoring system – it’s like not having a speedometer in a car. This is a prerequisite and an integral part of the system, hence it should always be included in the agreement and in the quotation.

What guarantee conditions are in place for a residential solar panel system?

We offer a 5-year guarantee on the complete system. In addition to this, the manufacturers offer certain guarantees for their products. This is usually 12 years for the solar panels and 5 years for the inverters.

Does the company in charge of the installation give an expected yield? Can it be guaranteed long term?

It is important for every professional solar panel contractor to provide a yield guarantee and have an expected yield – although the expected yield can differ system to system. 

What documents are required for the handover of the implemented solar panel system?

The handover documentation includes the documentation and plans of the realised technical content, the Connection Plan approval, the contractor’s report of completion, and the electrical safety inspection report, which also contains the electric shock protection report.

In addition, the quality certificates for the installed elements should be included as well as a technical handover record signed by both parties.