Solar Panels For Corporate Clients

Towards a greener and more predictable future

Solar panel systems for Different purposes 

Solar panel system for the own energy supply

A well-designed solar panel system is a profitable investment to reduce electricity costs of corporate actors.
Industrial Systems below 50kVA

These solar panel systems are in the small-scale household power plant category whose construction takes up to 1 or 2 weeks depending on the size. After assessing your needs, we will send you a personalised offer.

Industrial Systems above 50kVA

The solar panel system from and above 50kVA requires individual design, which is influenced by the specific site conditions and the purpose of the investment.

For this service, please contact our team directly.


Solar System Parks as an investment

If you are looking for a stable value investment, we recommend the installation of solar parks, which will provide predictable yield in the long term.
Solar power plant project preparation and planning

Choosing a suitable piece of land in the vicinity of substations and the subsequent qualitative planning are significant factors in the preparation of solar parks. 

Solar park installation

The construction of a solar park requires a precise preparatory process and true expertise to ensure the high-quality operation of the plant.


Our clients said

Balazs K.

Residential system

We started thinking about investing in a solar system when we heard about the state subsidie for residents who are in the process of home renovation. I feel very fortunate to find you guys, the team was really helpful and their attitude is professional. Thank you! .

Tamas Cs.

Corporate system

Impressive techniqual knowledge. I can surely say that you found a solution to all of the emerging problems and provided a solar system of an excellent quality within the time frame. Very good work, thank you. I hope for a future cooperation.

Peter H.

Residential system

The team was trustworthy and we indeed got what we expected,  for a fair price.Overall our experience is very positive, we felt cared for, so I can only recommend choosing the Best-Solar if anyone feels overwhelmed by the options on the market. 


Corporate and residential projects we have worked on

Nowadays, solar panel systems are one of the most reliable and sustainable forms of investment for both companies and individuals.

  • Debrecen Lakópark, 12,4kWp
  • Budapest, III kerület, 6kWp
  • Budapest, XII. kerület, 5kWp
  • ELTE TOK Budapest, 56kWp
  • Általános Iskola Buj, Tetőbe integrált, 26kWp
  • Budapest, XI. kerület, 7,02kWp
  • Budapest XVI. kerület, 5,5kWp
  • Budapest, XII. kerület, 5kWp
  • Budapest Semmelweis Egyetem, 412kWp
  • Buj, Tetőbe integrált napelem, 26kWp
  • Debrecen Jázmin u., 12,5kWp
  • Debrecen Repülőtér Pharma-Flight, 100,62kWp
  • Eger Kormányhivatal, 20kWp
  • Gróf Tisza István Kórház, 400kWp
  • Győr AUDI logisztikai kozpont, 12,5MWp
  • Gyulaháza óvoda, 24kWp
  • Gyulaháza, 30kWp
  • Kecskemét, KÉSZ Zrt., 170kWp
  • Mátrafüred, Erdészeti Iskola, 40kWp
  • Mezőkeresztes, 15kWp
  • Nyírbátor Fürdő, 55kWp
  • Budapest, Pan-Italia Kft., 34kWp
  • Szurdokpüspöki, Raktárinvest Kft., 30kWp
  • Vértesszőlős, 5kWp
  • Zsombó naperőmű, 560kWp

Solar Panel System Options

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Solar panel systems for corporate clients 

Does Solar Solutions worth the investment?

megeri a napelem

We design solar panel systems to cover the required consumption needs. Furthermore, the drastic increase in electricity prices must also be considered in 2022 and in the near future.

By installing a solar panel system, we can make the cost of electricity predictable in the long run, and this will certainly remain below the market price, which has doubled in 2022 compared to the previous year.

By investing in solar power, you can determine the electricity price applicable to you for the next 20 to 25 years.

European Union funding is continuously available for the installation of solar panel systems. Please contact us for more information.